W. Arthur Purdum Award

W. Arthur Purdum Award Recipients

The W. Arthur Purdum Award was established in 1970 by the Maryland Society of Health-System Pharmacists to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to health-system pharmacy in Maryland and serves as the Society’s most prestigious award. Selected by the W. Arthur Purdum Committee, made up of past award recipients.

MSHP is proud to recognize individuals each year who are leaders in the pharmacy profession in Maryland. To see all of the awards MSHP offers annually, please click here.

A formal call for nominations is sent to the Purdum Committee and the membership in the Spring, though nominations can be submitted year-round. Award criteria and nomination information is available here.

1970Sydney L Burgee, Jr.
1971Paul J. LeSage
1972Mary W. Connelly
1973Peter P. Lamy
1974Henry J. Derewicz
1975George H. Yeager
1976Francis S. Ballason
1977Robert E. Snyder
1978No Award Given
1979Clarence L. Fortner
1980No Award Given
1981Gordon A. Mouat
1981William R. Grove
1982Patrick Birmingham
1983Normand Pelissier
1984Steven S. Cohen
1985No Award Given
1986Thomas E. Patrick
1987Rebecca S. Finley
1988Berry Means
1989William J. Kinnard Jr.
1990Thomas Sisca
1991Paul L. Jeffrey
1992Patricia A. Ensor
1993Richard E. Rumrill
1994Bonnie L. Pitt
1995David R. Chason
1996David M. Arrington
1997No Award Given
1998Robert A. Kerr
1999No Award Given
2000David S. Roffman
2001Raymond C. Love
2002Mayer Handelman
2003E. Robert Feroli, Jr.
2004Carol Rudo
2005Anthony Tommasello
2006Mary Lynn McPherson
2007Marie Mackowic
2008Wendy Klein-Schwartz
2009Bruce Gordon
2010Cynthia Boyle
2011Daniel Ashby
2012Nicole Brandt
2013Marc Summerfield
2014Bonnie L. Levin
2015James Trovato
2016Jill Morgan
2017John J. Lewin III
2018Meghan Swarthout
2019Lawrence Siegel
2020Janet Mighty
2021Agnes Ann Feemster
2022Kathryn Walker
2023Todd W. Nesbit