Medication Safety Committee

Who Are We?

The Medication Safety Committee exists to encourage medication safety, highlight best practices, and support safety legislation. The committee holds bi-monthly meetings to discuss various issues and initiatives to promote patient and medication safety among the hospital in Maryland.


Jyness Williams (Chair) and Lyndsy Beckman (Vice-Chair)

Our Goals:

Promote awareness and improvement of patient and medication-safety related issues among Maryland health-systems

  • Engage members interested in medication safety from different hospital and regions within Maryland
  • Provide professional development opportunities for member, especially in the area of patient and medication safety

If you are interested in getting involved in the medication safety committee, please e-mail one of the co-chairs of the committee. Emails of co-chairs are listed below.

Medication Safety Webinars

The purpose of the quarterly webinar is to highlight current patient and medication safety related issues, and provide a platform for members to discuss and share ideas or strategies to promote patient safety and to offer Medication Safety CE credits.

MSHP Medication Safety Award

The MSHP Medication Safety Award is awarded annually to recognize and honor outstanding members who contribute to improvements in medication use and/or patient safety. View the guidelines for the award application. This is a great opportunity to showcase patient and medication safety improvement efforts at your practice site. All MSHP members, including pharmacy residents are encouraged to apply. The application for the award process will open in Spring of each year. Here is the list of past MSHP Medication Safety Award winners:

2007: University of Maryland Medical Center
2008: St. Agnes Health Care
2009: Mercy Medical Center
2010: The Johns Hopkins Hospital
2011: The Johns Hopkins Hospital
2012: The Johns Hopkins Hospital
2013: University of Maryland Medical Center
2014: University of Maryland Medical Center
2015: A. Martinelli, B. Spoelhof, I. John, and J. Vazquéz
2016: Emily Heil
2017: I. Watt, T. Wu, and C. Peterson
2018: Improving Transitions of Care in Patients Discharged on Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy
2019: Agnes Ann Feemster, PharmD and The Johns Hopkins Hospital Medication Safety Team

MSHP Medication Safety Listserv

The MSHP Medication Safety listserv is organized and provided by MSHP as a member service to facilitate and stimulate meaningful and appropriate discussions among MSHP members. The purposes of this listserv are:

  • Notify membership of upcoming MSHP Medication Safety Committee events and MSHP Medication Safety Award applications
  • Distribute communication regarding medication alerts, errors/adverse events
  • Solicit continuing education topics of interest from membership
  • Distribute general communications within the list-serve

Join the Medication Safety Listserv:
If you are interested in joining the listserv, please follow this link and fill out the contact information MSHP.

Listserv Etiquette & Helpful Guidelines:

  • Any reply to a listserv message is sent to the entire list. This is true regardless if you select “Reply” as opposed to “Reply All”. If you wish to reply privately to the party that sent the email, please “Forward” your message to the individual’s email address.
  • MSHP prohibits any commercial solicitation on the listserv. Any individual who sends information aimed at selling a product or service will be immediately removed from the listserv.
  • If you are not receiving mail from the listerv and you believe you should be, you may wish to notify your IT personnel to add the email <[email protected]> to your whitelist of acceptable emails so that the listserv emails do not get trapped as spam
  • If you wish to Unsubscribe from a list, please contact MSHP Executive Director