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2011 Jan/Feb Busulfan Dosing Mar/Apr MSHP Name Change May/Jun Clayman Colombia Mission Jul/Aug 2011 Legislative Review Sept/Oct – Special Drug Shortage Edition Nov-Dec – Times Are Changing
2010 Jan/Feb:Pinto, Pharm.D President May/Jun: And the Award Goes To … Jul/Aug: Presence in Annapolis Sep/Oct: Members Respond in Haiti
2009 Jan/Feb: MSHP Get In on It Mar/Apr: MSHP 9th Annual Pharmacy Legislative Day May/Jun: Technician Specific Programming Offered for the First Time Jul/Aug: Farewell to Jeff Brewer
2008 Jan/Feb: Getting Involved Mar/Apr: Medication Safety Award Recipients Jun/Jul: Maryland General Assembly Aug/Sep: Q&A Technician Certification Oct/Dec: Keeping Patients Safe
2007 Jan/Feb: Faces of Our Patients Mar/Apr: Mentorship Program May/Jun: Emergency Preparedness Jul/Aug: Katherine Eban Author of Dangerous Doses Sep/Dec: Four Month Roll-up
2006 Jan/Feb: President’s Address – November 5, 2005 – Mar/Apr: Pharmacists provide expertise to legislators May/Jun: Seminar Spring Session Jul/Aug: Therapy Management Contracts Sep/Oct: Improving Patient Satisfaction Nov/Dec: Past President’s Address
2005 Jan/Feb: Past President Mar/Apr: Fifth Annual Pharmacy Legislative Day May/Jun: Monthly Meetings: Not As Easy As They Look Jul/Aug: LDL Cholesterol: New Treatment Guidelines Sep/Oct: How Do You Define Value? Nov/Dec: Past President’s Address
2004 Feb: Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 Mar: Pharmacy Legislative Day 2004 Apr: Annual Seminar May: Leadership Retreat Jun: Legislative Year Review Aug: Medication Safety; Are We Still Blaming the Individual? Oct: Thrombosis Jeopardy Nov: President’s Address Dec: Past President’s Address
2003 Jan: Year in Review Feb: Collaborative Practice in Hospital Settings Mar: Glance at Poison Prevention Apr: Student of the Year May: Pharmacy Legislative Day Jun/Jul: Health Village Aug/Sep: MSHP Awards Oct: MSHP Participates in State Fair Nov: President’s Address
2002 Jan: A Year to Remember Feb: Presidential Address – 2002 Mar: Pharmacy Legislative Day 2002 April 2002: By-Laws Revision Effects Officer Elections May/Jun: It’s the Hyatt After All Jul/Aug: MSHP’S 37th Annual Seminar Sep: Dan Ashby Elected ASHP President Oct: 37th Annual Seminar a Success Nov: Presidential Address
2001 Jan: Grazie Mille Feb: Presidential Address Apr: Legislative Update May: Pharmacy Student Recruitment Jun: Seminar Choices & Challenges Jul: Maryland Pharmacy Coalition Sep 2001:National Pharmacy Week Oct: Sources for Terrorism Assistance Nov: Pharmacist’s Resources for Bioterrorism
2000 Jan: Thanks for a Great Year Apr: Medications and the Internet Mar: Making a Difference Outside of the System May: Our Future Pharmacists Jun: ASHP House of Delegates
1999 Jan: Why Do We Belong? Feb: Take A Lesson From Dorothy. Apr: Why Do We Belong? The Answer. May: Random Thoughts Jun: Presidential Perspective Sep: You’re In Good Hands With Your Pharmacist
1998 Feb: Team Jun: ASHP Annual Meeting in Baltimore Oct: Facing the Millennium Nov: Collaborative Practice Legislative Update Dec: Why Here, Why Now?
1997 Mar: I Am Your Pharmacist Sep: Yes, Virginia, There Are Health-System Pharmacists Nov: Call for Board of Pharmacy Nominations
1996 May: The Right Thing to Do Sep: Developing Partnerships